Defining “Organic”

Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.The general principles of organic production include the following: protect the environment, minimize soil degradation and erosion, decrease pollution, optimize biological productivity and promote a sound state of healthmaintain long-term soil fertility by optimizing conditions for biological activity within the soil recycle materials and resources to the greatest extent possible within the enterprise rely on renewable resources in locally organized agricultural systemsOrganic farming presents many challenges. Some crops are more challenging than others to grow organically; however, nearly every commodity can be produced organically.

Why Buy Organic?

Consumers purchase organic foods for many different reasons. Many want to buy food products that are free of chemical pesticides or grown without conventional fertilizers. Some simply like to try new and different products. Product taste, concerns for the environment and the desire to avoid foods from genetically engineered organisms are among the many other reasons some consumers prefer to buy organic food products.

What is "Certified Organic"?

“Certified organic” is a term given to products produced according to organic standards as certified by one of the certifying bodies. There are several certification bodies operating in Ontario. A grower wishing to be certified organic must apply to a certification body requesting an independent inspection of their farm to verify that the farm meets the organic standards. Farmers, processors and traders are each required to maintain the organic integrity of the product and to maintain a document trail for audit purposes. Products from certified organic farms are labelled and promoted as “certified organic."


We are being certified by USDA for exports of various agro commodities from INDIA. We do also provide desired packaging available as per buyers request.